Plucked Strings

Find Scores by Call Number
If you would like to browse the stacks in the Library or the ROC for scores, try the following call number ranges for harp, guitar, and ensembles with one or more of either instrument:


M273-274 With piano
M1036 Concertos with orchestra
M1036.5 Cadenzas
M1037 Concertos with piano


M276-277 With piano
M1037.4.G8 Concertos with orchestra


Two plucked instruments
M294-295 One string and one plucked instrument
M296-297 One wind and one plucked instrument
M325-M329 Two plucked instruments and piano
M365 - M369 Plucked instruments trios
M447 - M486 Quartets which may include one or more plucked instruments
M467 - M469 Plucked instrument quartets

For Quintets, Sextets, Septets, Octets, and Nonets use the same formula as Quartets and Trios (i.e. Plucked instrument octets would be M865-869).
Find Books by Call Number
If you would like to browse the stacks or the ROC for books about harps, guitars, or plucked string instruments in general try the following call numbers:


ML102.H38 Dictionaries
ML128.H3 Bibliographies
ML1005 History, general works
ML1008 Music and playing

MT540-548 Harp techniques, instruction and study


ML128.G8 Bibliographies
ML1015.G9 History

MT580-589 Guitar techniques, instruction and study

Plucked Instruments

ML1003 Music and playing
New Materials

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Harp music bibliography : compositions for solo harp and harp ensemble / compiled by Mark Palkovic
A classified list of method books, orchestral studies, and original works and arrangements for solo harp and harp duets and/or ensembles published anywhere in the world between 1800 and January 1994. The entries are by composer, arranger, or compiler of collected anonymous works.

Harp music bibliography : chamber music and concertos / compiled by Mark Palkovic
Contains over 5000 entries of works for harp in combination with up to eight other instruments, songs and other vocal and choral works with harp accompaniment, and harp concertos and other concerted works in which the harp plays a solo role. This chamber music volume contains citations of harp music published between 1800 and 2000 in a classified arrangement.  Each entry includes information needed to accurately identify a work, including uniform titles when needed, publisher information, pagination when available, and complete contents listings for anthologies. Following the main sections is an index of names and titles.

Dictionnaire du répertoire de la harpe / Annie Glattauer
Includes brief composer biographies with works lists and and index by instrumentation.

Guitar bibliography : an international listing of theoretical literature on classical guitar from the beginning to the present / by Werner Schwarz

The guitarist's resource guide : guitar music in print and books on the art of guitar / compiled by Joseph Rezits

Lute, vihuela, guitar to 1800, a bibliography / David B. Lyons
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